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Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (previously MNREC), Allahabad, INDIA

 Class of 1988

Silver Jubilee Meet: Nov 9th - Nov 10th, 2013  at MNNIT, Allahabad


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Marriage Anniversaries



Congrats Dr. Sreerama Murthy, CEO, Qudratyx. for appearing in Global Top 11 Big Data Certification List of CIO magazine

Proud of you on your achievement - Moti, 88 Batch

Video Album - Sangam 2013

Sangam - Yaadein - AV Presentation (9 Nov '13)

"...कुछ मीठी यादें है, दोस्तों की यादें है, कॉलेज की यादें | कितने अनमोल दिन थे, साफ़ सुथरे, निष्पाप और निष्कलंक..."

Voice over : Anurag Shrivastava & Dr. Mona Khare (Wife of Anurag)

 Duration: 17 min

Sagam 1.5- Prelude -Bangalore (9 May '15)

MNREC, Allahabad : 1988 Batch Reunion at Bangalore

Date: 9th May, 2015

Venue: KGA, Kodihalli, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Time: 7PM Onward

Jugalbandi @ Sangam 2013 NEW

"...ओहरे ताल मिले नदी के जल में, नदी मिले सागर में"

A unique Jugalbandi by Pankaj Sinha and Shailesh Srivastava.

Duration: 1.38 min

"Dilbar Mere....."

The auditorium full with audience. MC entertained the audience. Soulful rendering by Ravi Narayana and Satish Chandra on the song "Dilbar Mere kab tak mujhe.... " took us by surprise. Hidden talent- should I say?



Duration- 18 Min

Vibration Dance Troupe

Vikram Singh, the lyricist of our batch and Ashwani Kumar fulfilled their dreams of singing on the stage - "Pukarta Chala hu main..." . This was followed by some acrobatic dances by Vibration dance troupe. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame singer then took over the stage and enthralled the audience with her performance.-It has just begun.

Duration: 18 Min

Dancing to her tunes

It all started with golden oldies like "Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo.." by Rini. The Silver Jubilee batch finally started shaking legs on "Jawan Janeman Haseen Dilruba..". Neeraj Agrawal/Rama and Munish/Monica started the couple dance & after some time, almost everyone- with family was on the floor, A Must watch.

Duration: 18 Min

"Mauja hi Mauja..."

Full of dance and song performances by Avijit Roy and team. Mauja hi Mauja amid leg shaking by batch mates. Interaction with audience by Avijit. Started with old songs and moved back slowly to relatively newer songs to likes of the new gen MOTIs.

Duration: 18 Min

"Rang Chadha Hai..."

Shaam apne pure shabaab par. Dance floor on fire. The dancing became more vigorous with mostly new generation songs by the artists. Two generations on the floor dancing side by side and no one willing to concede. Do you still  feel the reverberations? If not, watch this video.

Duration:5 Min

...Dance Performances

Full Masti with songs - evening at its full bloom- "Chikni Chameli...", "Lungi Dance..." and more. Dance performances on stage continued with professionals, while offstage scene was no less entertaining. The talent of Mimicry artist Mujeeb entertained everyone.

Duration: 18 Min

Mimicry & Comedy

Mimicry artist Mubeen continued to display his amazing talent by mimicing 60 filmi personalities non -stop. Followed by dance performances on the stage continued to bring back people on their feets.


Duration: 19 Min

"Baat Ban Jaye..."

Dance, Songs and more entertainment by Avijit Roy and team. For a while, it looked that age is catching up with the Silver Jubilee batch, but that was not true. Everyone jumped to the floor again with "Baat ban jaye......" with same enthu and energy.

Duration: 19 Min


MORE....The evening at its best with emotions started flowing with the song "Jab Koi baat Bigad jaye..."  Aur ek samaa bandh gaya, jisme ek ajeeb sa apnaapan tha, pyar tha aur phir se bicharane ka ahsaas. Samay jaise tham sa gaya ho, aur hum sab usme kho se gaye the....
Duration: 19 Min

"Kabhi Alvida Na..."

All good things come to an end & this evening was no exception.
And we dispersed with heavy hearts, filled with memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. We shall meet again...We must. It's a promise.



Duration: 4 Min

Photo Album- Sangam 2013

Click here, for SLIDE SHOW
...वापस लौटने का मन करता है
Shared by - Sanjay Sirohi, EC, 88

"One thing which keeps pushing is the resilience and vibrancy of the surrounding at MNREC. People taking bath at 5 AM in Ganga with temperature dipping to 4 Deg , Shiv kutir acting as a favorite getaway , the smile of the people travelling cramped in the 3 wheeled miracle whose emission was as much inside as was outside, people walking from as far as Phaphamau to sell vegetables at Katra, the rickshaw puller smiling after a tiring  6 kms ride from station to MNNIT, last but not the least the smile of the Cook and helpers working in our Hostel mess. Its really difficult to express their simplicity in words and those moments give immense strength  when you go through a personal low."

 - K Ravichandran, EC, 88 (CTB page #82)

Total Contributions as of Dec 2013

 A/c No.:11451000000344

1A.V. Ravishankar72700.00 62Navin Kumar25000.00
2Ajay Gupta38000.00 63Neeraj Jain32700.00
3Akhilesh Mishra10000.00 64Neeraj Kumar18100.00
4Akhilesh Srivastava20000.00 65Neeraj Kumar Srivastava20000.00
5Akhilesh Tripathi27700.00 66Neeraj Mehrotra20000.00
6Alok Saxena20000.00 67Neeraj Sinha12500.00
7Ameet Goel20000.00 68P.K. Jain55180.71
8Amit Phadnis45100.00 69Pankaj Rastogi30000.00
9Amulya Kumar20000.00 70Pankaj Sinha20000.00
10Anand Kumar Ray20000.00 71Partho Prasad22700.00
11Anil Kushwaha20000.00 72Pawan Saxena8500.00
12Anupam Rastogi27700.00 73Piyush Gupta10000.00
13Anupam Verma39100.00 74Prabhakar Panday20000.00
14Anurag Rajvanshi100000.00 75Pradeep Kumar17700.00
15Anurag Shrivastava40000.00 76Prashanth Rajen180000.00
16Arindham Saha10000.00 77Prem Narain15000.00
17Arun Kumar Garg20000.00 78R K Yadav15000.00
18Arun Kumar Singh32700.00 79Radha Raman Sharma60000.00
19Ashish Aggarwal20000.00 80Rajeev Gupta10000.00
20Ashwani Kumar30000.00 81Rajeev Sharma20000.00
21Atul Kirpal Gupta27700.00 82Rajiv Prakash10000.00
22Avi Verma20000.00 83Rajiv Rai35400.00
23Avtar Mahajan35400.00 84Rajiv Srivastava27701.00
24Bhavesh Shah33264.00 85Ramamurthi20000.00
25C P Mishra15000.00 86Ramesh Digambar20000.00
26Chandan Chetterji26451.00 87Ravichandran30000.00
27Col. Sandeep Sharma30000.00 88Ravinder Narayan22700.00
28D K Nim20000.00 89Rohit Rai69000.00
29Devendra Mishra37700.00 90S.R. Mehto17700.00
30Dhruv Bajpei20000.00 91Sandeep Chohan22600.00
31Diwakar Saxena20000.00 92Sandeep Dani30000.00
32DK. Singh25000.00 93Sandeep Kumar35400.00
33G.P. Singh65400.00 94Sandip Gupta22700.00
34Gargi Dasgupta27700.00 95Sangeeta Sinha27700.00
35Gautam Bhattacharya30232.50 96Sanjay Govil22700.00
36Goutam Munshi20000.00 97Sanjay Kumar35600.00
37Harsh Jindal107700.00 98Sanjay Sirohi35400.00
38Hemant Aggarwal37700.00 99Satish Chandra18100.00
39Hira Singh Panchpal18700.00 100Saurabh Srivastava20000.00
40Ila Raman Pant27700.00 101Shailendra20000.00
41Iqbal Singh27700.00 102Shailesh Srivastava20000.00
42Jai Prakash Divedi20000.00 103Shalabh Verma10000.00
43Jai Shankar Pra19995.00 104Sharad Kumar10000.00
44Jayant PArimal25000.00 105Shravan Kumar510000.00
45Jisha T26000.00 106Skanda Nanjunda50100.00
46Jitendra Kumar10000.00 107Soumita Dutta27700.00
47Jyoti Singh21146.00 108Srikanth Srinivas22700.00
48K S Bains112700.00 109Srivastava28100.00
49K Sekar15000.00 110Subhajit Vishwas215400.00
50Kaushal Kumar25000.00 111Sudhir Goel57700.00
51Lalit Bhatnagar20000.00 112Sunil Kumar57000.00
52Lalit Lopez50000.00 113Surender Gade67700.00
53LT CDR Sharad10000.00 114Tushar Chawla27700.00
54Mahesh Kumar20000.00 115Uma Mahesh48899.00
55Manish Sinha54695.00 116Umesh Pati Tiwari20000.00
56Manoj Mittal20000.00 117Vijay Kr. Pan10000.00
57Meenal Singhal20000.00 118Vikas Chandra20000.00
58Mouli Raman130000.00 119Vikram40400.00
59Mukundan Narayan60000.00 120Virender Kumar25000.00
60Munish Aggarwal20500.00 121Vivek Mahajan35400.00
61Naresh Goel43100.00  Total Contribution4488364.21

*Total contribution includes "Member Contribution" + "Travel & stay" + "Additional Contribution/Sponsorship (post Meet)"

Latest on emails

     Dec 25, 2013

Anurag Shrivastava

Dear friends ,

This Christmas is a very special day for Class of 1988 .

Today we took the first step forward for noble cause to support the families of our deceased batchmates .

This morning we ( Rohit Rai , GP Singh , Sanay Singhal and Anurag Shrivastava ) visited the family of Rakesh Agarwal and met Mrs Agarwal and his daughter Gauri who studies in class X.

Just to mention Mrs Agarwal her self is not keeping well and the health condition does not allow her much physical movement . There is no earning member and the family is financially supported by a very small amount by Gauris maternal grandfather to manage the livelihood and education of Gauri .

During our interaction we shared about our Society and Monereco Alumni Association and that it has been formed on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of our batch and one major objective is welfare of batch mates and their families .

After interaction with Rakesh’s family we have decided to monthly contribute on behalf of Monereco Alumni Association Rs 5000 per month to support the education of Gauri . Any lumpsum required for important purpose of admissions in school /college/coaching will also be given .

This amount will be deposited in the joint account of Mrs Agarwal and Gauri Agarwal every month . This support of Rs 5000 per month will start from January 2014 .

As you are aware that we have a balance of around 15 lacs in our Monereco Alumni Association account and hence an amount that will fetch us Rs 5000 per month will be set aside from this fund .

We all were keen for a speedy action on various noble causes as decided and discussed in previous communications .

I am sure you must be feeling happy for this first step of our batch for becoming part of Gauri’s dreams .

I thank all who have contributed for being “ SANTA “ in real sense for our Gauri . .

Merry Christmas


Anurag Shrivastava
Yes friends ! We all are back to our respective normal routines. But energized like never before .
Am trying to write this mail to say thanks to you and your families but am short of words like never before. I don’t think I will ever find the choicest of words to express what I have in my heart today. Is it gratitude ? Is it love and affection ? Is it the effervescence of memories Which we relived ? Is it the strange gush of Allahabad winds that has entered in our systems reminding us of the days when we were so uncomplicated .. so simple … so innocent !
I trust that all of us have enjoyed these moments of togetherness the way we wanted them to be. it was like a dream! So fleeting so ephemeral but yet so lasting.
It is going to bring smiles on our faces whenever we will think of this get together ! Was it truth ? Was it dream ? So pure ! So lovely ! So full of happiness!
Yes like never before !
We can never get so formal to say thanks to each other. So I would rather say thanks to our love ! thanks to our friendship ! And thank you God for giving us such amazing friends and batch mates who aligned , collaborated and helped at each juncture And hence the Silver Jubilee Celebration became a grand success.
I will not be pardoned if I do not mention and thank from the bottom of my heart our respective spouses and family members without whose understanding ways ,this reunion would have been impossible . Some of them also joined us at Allahabad which was very encouraging gesture !
I Believe everyone had a grand time . Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !
We missed many friends who could not come for the reunion . Hope to see them in such future endevours .
We will meet again ! Won’t we !
As you are well aware that we the batch mates of class of 88 have formed a registered society in the name of Monereco Alumni Association and this society will gladly work with you to fulfill your wishes on continuous basis .
We are a proud fraternity of a great institution and it is up to us to keep MNNIT Allahabad a relevant institution for many many more years .
I would like to specially mention few of our friends who have recently given some additional contribution to our fund in terms of personal contribution and / or by means of sponsorships .
Please join me in thanking
1) Shrawan Kumar for arranging sponsorship of Rs. 4 lacs
2) Prashant Rajendran for giving Additional contribution of Rs. 1 lac
3) Kuljeet Singh Bains for giving additional contribution of Rs. 1 lac
4) Subhajit Biswas for sponsorship ( addl cont) of Rs. 1 lac
5) Chandramauli for giving additional contribution of Rs. 1 lac
6) Anurag Rajwanshi ( 87 Civil ) , arranging sponsorship of Rs. 1 lac
Most of these contributions came immediately after the event ( during return journey ) and few lacs were deposited today itself to support our future endevours . Thanks friends for the support and trust .
This recently received contribution will also support our future endeavours , especially to financially support the needy families of deceased batch mates , help build class rooms and toilets for the school in the college residential campus and establishing some scholar ship etc. depending on the total funds available and future contributions if any.
If any one of us wants to give additional contribution as done by few other friends for future endevours can do so by putting their contributions any time in the same Account of MONERECO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION .
We are in the process of working on the logistics of getting CTB and Goodie bags delivered to those who had contributed but were not able to join us for the Reunion .
We have also received requests from some of our friends for Coffee Table Book who could not come and were not able to contribute . We can get the CTB reprinted for them basis cost of the book and courier charges . And if they want to contribute for future endevours can contribute too .
We will also be uploading the photographs and Video recordings of the two day event done by our camera men very soon .
Lot of our friends have suggested for a family get-together at frequent intervals .
We are planning to hold one such family get together during Christmas / New Year time in Delhi . will share the dates soon ..
More next time
Best Wishes ,
CP Mishra

Dear Friends

I convey my sincere thanks to organizing committee for managing such grand Alumni
Meet management. It was an extra ordinary occasion and was arranged accordingly.


On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 6:56 PM, Sanjay <> wrote:


Very soon you will get chance . this time you missed 2 golden days of your life , which were equal to 25 years of your life . next time do not make the mistake of not coming for such reunion . No amount of money , power can bring happiness and joy as meeting your good old friends.

- Sanjay

 Looking at all my dear friends in this album, all I can think of is:

" Ye daulat bhi le lo ye shohrat bhi le lo

 Bhale chhin lo mujhse meri jawani

 Magar mujhko lota do bachpan ka sawan

 Woh kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani



If I had the magic ball in my hand, I would go back 25 years and would spend more time with each one of you and re-live those college days little differently, perhaps not spending so much time in Singing! God please give me a second chance!

- Sankumani


Thanks se kaam nahi chalega. We have to give this team chance again n again to prove themselves. Guys we need to meet on regular basis so that our organising gets chance to organise the event again. May be we cannot meet in college, we can meet for 2 days at some resort. Allahabad ko pavitra karne ke baad, aur be cities ko havan se pavitra karna hai

Sent from Samsung Mobile

- Sanjay

Hi All

Reached back just now with wonderful and fond memories of the bonding we share !

the CTB is nostalgic and wonderful !! Thanks to the tireless efforts of the organisation committee and all bachmates who made the event wonderful with their participation . I have a good lot of photographs which will take me some time to assemble . will share asap.

Miss you all ! God bless




Thanx for Organising Team for Planning the Flawless Two Day event at Alumni Convention-2013 at Allahabad. It was memorable experience to meet the old pals. Please share the pictures of the event.

One Again Congratulation to all organising Team. Thanks also for those who came from long distances.

With Regards

आशेष कुमार अग्रवाल/Ashesh K. Agarwal
वरिष्ठ तकनीकी निदेशक/Senior Technical Director
एन0आई0सी0,लखनऊ,उत्तर प्रदेश/NIC, Lucknow UP
दूरभाष का. O 0522-2298834, मोबाईल M 09450301815

Shrawan Kumar
Dear friends,
So many memories of our days spent in Monereco have already passed through our minds. It appears it was yesterday when we used to get up in our hostels, get ready in almost no time, run towards mess, grab whatever was available and walk along with friends from hostel to college, passing through the railway under bridge, enjoying the breeze flowing out of greenery all around from the salubrious, sylvan surroundings. Those memories are simply wonderful!

We started our journey 25 years ago from that beautiful campus. We went on different paths, to different destinations, some near some quite far. In our efforts to achieve our goals, many a times we succeeded. At times, we failed. When we strived for something and achieved our goals, when our efforts were rewarded, when we were successful; we found our better halves, our children, our family applauding, appreciating and clapping us, loudest. On those occasions, when our efforts were not rewarded, when we did not succeed, when we failed; we found our wives, our children, our family, standing side by side, never doubting our ability, having complete faith in us providing rock solid support. They have stood by us in good times and in bad times, throughout our journey. They came to Allahabad, in quite a significant number, just to be there with us . They made our memories sweeter. They deserve our heartfelt thanks.

I remember, Abraham Lincoln once said, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” These two days were certainly full of life.

Once again thanks to each of our batch mates for making silver jubilee celebrations unforgettable.
Shrawan Kumar.

Lalit Bhatnagar

It is difficult to express the gratitude to the organizers for such wonderful and successful event so I would simply say “Thanks Organisers”. Those who have not joined do not know what they missed.

In addition, I would also like to thank the organizing team for; reminding everybody that true happiness is in simple things (being together is so much fun); Collecting and connecting ‘Bikhre Moti’ (a platform is created where all of us can remain in touch).

How I wish that it should not become once in 25 years affair (rarer than Kumbh) and the corporate race takes over the euphoria within a couple of weeks.

I am sure there are ways to keep up the flame, e.g. atleast a quarterly meet at city level and a larger meet on annual basis.

After working so hard in our respective areas, we are surely entitled to, and can set-aside one week of personal time for reenergizing ourselves as Aane wala pal Jane wala hai, Ho sake to isme zindgi bita lo, pal jo ye jane wala hai !

Once again – Thanks organizers


Lalit Bhatnagar



Hello all,

First off, kudos to the organizing committee for a job well done. The event was immensely successful and memorable.

Inspired by my experience, my husband is planning to attend his Silver Jubilee celebration in Dec this year.

Once again, a huge thank you to the organizers and all the batch mates who made the effort to came.






100% agree,

the weekend was part of unforgettable moments of life.
Still there is a hangover,,,

The continuity of these mails shall keep those moments live.
So let's be in touch.


That's Great, Subhojit Bhai,
Aap itne 'Emotional' bhi hai, jaan kar bahut khushi huwi........
Apne Batch me kuchh 'Baat' to thhee..... Itne saare 'Achchhe' logo ka ek saath jamaa hona phir possible lagta nahi hai...
Beete huwe pal waapas nahi aate, bus unn bite huwe palo ki yaad aati hai.......
Aur ye 'Yaadein' kaafi hai bachi huwi Zindgi kaatne ke liye......
Shailendra Pd.
Believe me Doston’

Apni hi company ki apni hi office mein aakar aaj aisaa lag rahaa hain ki yeh saala kaahan aa gaya hoon! Yeh exactly aaj se pachich (25) saal pahele jaise feeling aa rahi hain jab main college se direct meri paheli job waali company join karne gayaa thaa. Saala lag raha hain ki sab chhor-chhaar ke Motiyon ke paas Motilal me daurke aa jaaoo aur woh sakun paaun jiske liye main tarash rahaa hoon. Koi Lautaa de mere bite hua din, bite hua din woh mere pyare palchin, koi lotaa de mere bite huan din…… Sankumani ne dookhti nas pe ungli rakh dia yaaron. Lekin saala yeh dard bi kitna achhaa lag raahain hai, ek ajeeb si mithi-mithi rudhapan (pensiveness) kaa ahsaas ho rahaa hai aur main yeh dard ko apne andaar basaayen rakhnaa chaahataa hoon. “Khusiaan dhoonte rahein ham bahut, par kaun kambakth yeh jaantaa thaa ki aise bi kuch gam hain jaamane mein jisme saare jahaan ki khusiaan samaayi hoti hai”.

Friends thanks for giving this heavenly feeling by coming together at Allahabad.

Saala kaam karne kaa dil nahin kar rahaa hain yaaron.

Love to all


Dr. S.Biswas (Mobile : +919824037528)

*BVR– The value enterprise with a sincere effort to enliven dead resources by engineering technology*


Dear All,

Believe it or not but I can say such an marvelous & wonderful ceremony might have not been organized before as an alumni convention of our college and neither it would happen in near future.

Once again thanks to the organizing committee along with the family members and children who has participated and witnessed it and without whom this grand celebration could not be reached to the desired destination.

Let us celebrate the successful completion of an mega event.

Ajay Gupta

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